COVID - 19 Update:

Dear Valued Patients

To protect you and the rest of our community, we have ceased access to the clinic apart for emergency cases.

Please note that in the interest of protecting the public and out patients, we have implemented measures in line with recommendations from authorities to assist with preventing the spread of this virus. These include:

- Whenever it is possible, appointments have been changed to teleconferencing, or have been postponed

Appointment schedules have been altered so no more than one patient is present in the facility at any time


- All patients are asked about their travel history and their viral symptoms history


- All patients are asked to wash their hand on arrival


- All non essential surgery has been cancelled


We will continue to monitor the progress of the disease, and will stay at the forefront of the developments to ensure the safety of our patients. 

We wish you and your family get through this trialling period safely, and we will assist you in any way possible.

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